Denim on Denim Days


The 90’s denim on denim trend is making a comeback and we’re addicted to this style. It’s a perfect way to underline your individuality and chicness. Dare to try different washes, and colors. Dark blue or black would be a suitable choice for an evening look. For a more light casual look you can try the cropped flared jeans, which have entered FW17 fashion with great force.

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CHECKing in to Retro Inspiration

London Fashion Week has passed and left us with a ton of new outfit ideas! We were hit by lots of new-old, retro inspirational trends and we loved them more than ever! However there’s one pattern that touch our heart more than others and brings us a little bit of nostalgia and that’s why we loved it the most. This autumn’s favorite pattern can’t be anything else than checks!

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FALLing in love with embroidery trends

embroidery dress

Autumn has come, and we know that all of us still refusing to accept it, even the weather. In this city the temperature reaches 38°C on daytime which makes it difficult to get the fall feeling yet. Nevertheless, all fall fashion trends have arrived with great force and we can’t wait to try them.

Embroidery and shirt dresses are everything this fall season. What if we could mix it together? We will definitely have the perfect look. Embroidered shirts, jeans, jackets arrived last year and still maintain their role in fall fashion. Embroidery is an art on clothes. Flowers are the mostly used theme for this kind of art but there is also plenty of designs especially on jeans, like labels, logos, cartoons and quotes that give a retro vintage mood to the whole outfit.

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All about Romance : Ruffles & Sunsets

Ruffles and sunsets are all about romance. Today is the last Saturday of summer… No, don’t become melancholic. Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too! And what’s more beautiful than all the memories you gained this summer? We hope your summer was unforgettable and full of “S” : Sun, Salt, Sand, Smiles and Style! So be happy and grateful for what you’ve lived and start looking forward to the next one.

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Tropical Vacay Vibes

tropical outfit

With holidays nearing the end and the summer preparing for saying goodbye, we seize the opportunity to enjoy our last vacation days. And what’s better of taking a walk in the sunset, wearing one of the loudest fashion trends of this year : Tropical Print. The word itself brings you pictures of nature, palm trees, gardens and forests. That’s what exactly it refers to. Tropical print tops, skirts, dresses are full of leaves, flowers and all this stuff.

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Summer office–appropriate outfits

The temperature is soaring and all you want is to avoid the struggle of overheating in the office this summer. With a little creativity and some essential key trends you can wear the best workwear outfits. Below, we have outfits ideas to allow you to stay looking chic office–appropriate while also dressing in a way that embraces summer to its fullest.

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Leather Sandals Trends of Summer

leather sandals

Let’s be honest. With sunny, salty days and late summer nights, we are all looking for shoes that can keep up with our casual, comfortable, and stylish look. The answer to this issue is homophonous and that is nothing else than the leather sandals. Take a glance to your Instagram feed and you’ll be hit by dozens of photographs featuring this trend. And this is expected, since you can wear them with any summer look.

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Culotte pants: The fashion trend with staying power

culotte image

Culottes made a great comeback in the past few seasons and remain one of the most fashionable trends of the market.

Women’s culotte pants came during the Victorian Era, and became a garment for the physically active women who were participating in different activities such as horse riding, tennis and bicycling. Victorian culottes were disguised as long slit skirts with pleats or a wrap around a skirt. However, French designers experiment and change the design of culottes as they become more of a staple in women’s wardrobes.

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