We vote for accordion folds !

We are already in December and the temperature is still dropping. We keep wondering what to wear so as to stay warm and look chic at the same time. The key is to wear a feminine piece and style it with warm pieces. And what’s more feminine than a pleated skirt?

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The Power of Red

After closely stalking New York, London, Milan and Paris fall 2017 fashion weeks, it become evidence that the trend – spot for fall 2017 season is the Power of Red.  It is the season’s hottest color that made the strongest impact and we can say that Red is the ‘”it” color for fall.

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An autumn day at Łazienki Park

Last week, on a trip to Poland, we discovered a treasure hidden in Warsaw, Łazienki Park. You think that it is autumn and what we do in a park? What if we say that this is THE period to visit this park? There is an explosion of colors, the ground is full of yellow leaves, making you feel that you stand on a yellow cloud..!

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Beware witches ~ How to dress for Halloween parties with clothes you already have ~

Halloween season welcomes us to its magic world! It’s this time of the year when all your inspiration and imagination are in total duty! All of us are trying to find something to dress for the Halloween party this week. So, let us share some of our ideas, concerning clothes you’ve already have. Yes, you don’t need to spend money on clothes you will never wear. It doesn’t worth it. Just use all your imagination and creativeness and voila, you are ready for this party!

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Autumn Shades + Stripes

“Autumn”, what colors come to your mind, listening to this word? Well, when I’m thinking about Autumn season, my head fills up with brown, orange, yellow, red, and all of their shades. But, if I had to pick just one of them, I would definitely choose yellow mustard.

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Casual x Chic

leather skirt

The start of cold season screams leather and all you need is a beautiful black leather skirt. It’s a staple piece to have and it’s always down to solve a fashion dilemma. You have seen it on the runaways, celebrities, fashionistas and supermodels. And this trend continues spreading this season.

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A tee is worth a thousand words

Fashion had always been a way of self-expression. Nowadays, political and social upheaval all around the world have great effect on people and especially on fashion designers, who have started creating and expressing themselves throughout their designs. They are also inspired by the people which have been targets, such as outcasts, minorities, women and homosexual people. They take advantage of their talent and take place with their own unique way. Slogan tees, that have conquer the catwalks and the street-style outfits, is a proof of that.

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Denim on Denim Days


The 90’s denim on denim trend is making a comeback and we’re addicted to this style. It’s a perfect way to underline your individuality and chicness. Dare to try different washes, and colors. Dark blue or black would be a suitable choice for an evening look. For a more light casual look you can try the cropped flared jeans, which have entered FW17 fashion with great force.

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CHECKing in to Retro Inspiration

London Fashion Week has passed and left us with a ton of new outfit ideas! We were hit by lots of new-old, retro inspirational trends and we loved them more than ever! However there’s one pattern that touch our heart more than others and brings us a little bit of nostalgia and that’s why we loved it the most. This autumn’s favorite pattern can’t be anything else than checks!

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FALLing in love with embroidery trends

embroidery dress

Autumn has come, and we know that all of us still refusing to accept it, even the weather. In this city the temperature reaches 38°C on daytime which makes it difficult to get the fall feeling yet. Nevertheless, all fall fashion trends have arrived with great force and we can’t wait to try them.

Embroidery and shirt dresses are everything this fall season. What if we could mix it together? We will definitely have the perfect look. Embroidered shirts, jeans, jackets arrived last year and still maintain their role in fall fashion. Embroidery is an art on clothes. Flowers are the mostly used theme for this kind of art but there is also plenty of designs especially on jeans, like labels, logos, cartoons and quotes that give a retro vintage mood to the whole outfit.

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