CHECKing in to Retro Inspiration

London Fashion Week has passed and left us with a ton of new outfit ideas! We were hit by lots of new-old, retro inspirational trends and we loved them more than ever! However there’s one pattern that touch our heart more than others and brings us a little bit of nostalgia and that’s why we loved it the most. This autumn’s favorite pattern can’t be anything else than checks!

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FALLing in love with embroidery trends

embroidery dress

Autumn has come, and we know that all of us still refusing to accept it, even the weather. In this city the temperature reaches 38°C on daytime which makes it difficult to get the fall feeling yet. Nevertheless, all fall fashion trends have arrived with great force and we can’t wait to try them.

Embroidery and shirt dresses are everything this fall season. What if we could mix it together? We will definitely have the perfect look. Embroidered shirts, jeans, jackets arrived last year and still maintain their role in fall fashion. Embroidery is an art on clothes. Flowers are the mostly used theme for this kind of art but there is also plenty of designs especially on jeans, like labels, logos, cartoons and quotes that give a retro vintage mood to the whole outfit.

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“Design By Timo”

Personalized phone cases, unique birthday cards, business cards and creative frames are some of the stuff you can find in “Design By Timo” shop. This kind of shops are our favs. There’s so much inspiration and creativeness in this shop that your mind and imagination are enriched by all these items.

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Back to School ?

We can’t believe that summer is almost over already. And there is no better way to get ready to go back to school with some of our favorite fashion ideas. If you are not a student, do not hesitate to read our post. These looks are also perfect choice for summer to fall transition outfits.

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Let’s go for a Picnic

picnic imageThe sunny days are upon as and all we have to do is go for a picnic! It is one of our absolute favorite things to do! It’s a good time to find one beautiful park for a casual packed lunch with friends.

Picnics are all about comfort and remember that you will be sitting on grass after all! Comfy pants, maxi skirts, and dresses are the ultimate casual cover-up so you can sit comfortably. We recommend boyfriend jeans with a casual top or t-shirt. Keep the makeup and accessories minimal, and footwear comfy. Remember, you will be walking on grass, so flats or sneakers are a must!

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