All about Romance : Ruffles & Sunsets

Ruffles and sunsets are all about romance. Today is the last Saturday of summer… No, don’t become melancholic. Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too! And what’s more beautiful than all the memories you gained this summer? We hope your summer was unforgettable and full of “S” : Sun, Salt, Sand, Smiles and Style! So be happy and grateful for what you’ve lived and start looking forward to the next one.

We’ve talked again, on our first fashion post, about ruffles and frills and this 80’s stuff (you can take a glance here). However, what we didn’t mention is that this gorgeous detail on the clothes is definitely connected with romance. Imagine a dress with soft frills, or a shirt with ruffles across the center of the chest or even a pair of frilled trousers and a sunset for the background. That would be the perfect match.

Ruffles are a total compliment to your look. Scrolling down you can find one of our favorite picks : an asymmetric striped skirt with ruffles at the edges. Feature it with a white basic top we all have in our wardrobe and…voila! A small addition transforms a basic outfit to an utterly fashionable look with attitude.

Grab your favorite items of SS17 trends and enjoy the rest of your summer days and sunsets…

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of watching a sunset.”

Some of our fav’s:

We’re wearing:

  • White Basic Top – H&M
  • Striped Skirt with Ruffles – H&M (Similar one here)

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