7 Beach Hats to Wear this Summer

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We’re sure you bought your swimsuit, towel, beach bag and sunglasses. What’s next on your beach-ready-itinerary? Finding the ingenious items and put in your bag to make your day at the beach. We’ve rounded up the best stylish beach hats to keep you protected from the sun and look glamorous.

We find that nothing gets us more in the holiday spirit than wearing a beach hat. Even if you apply SPF to your face, your face still needs extra protection from the sun. A beach hat is a cute way to provide significant additional coverage, but they also add an entirely new dimension to your beach look and a day out in the city.

Whatever your everyday style, there’s a beach hat to match in hot, sunny days. Below, we found 7 awesome beach hats to try this summer.

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1. allover

allover beach hats


2. retrojunkee

retrojunkee beach hats






etsy beach hats



jcrew beach hats



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