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Beach towels are a must-have summer essential. If we want to talk about a big new entry to summer fashion this year, we have to talk about round beach towel!

Without doubt, this type appears more and more in fashion posts and Instagram photos, and makes us think that beach towel is not just a necessary item for a day at the beach, but it’s a part of our style. Creative designers all over the world show us how this product can be a fashionable edit on our beachy days.

There is a huge variety of all shapes, textures, details to choose from, prices, and so many choices of colorful and high-quality beach towels. It is difficult to choose only one. Nevertheless, we provide you our “Top 5+1”  list of the coolest shops/brands :

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 1.Thiki greece

Round beach towels Beach towel Beach towel Beach towel

2.Sun of a beach

Beach towel Beach towel Beach towel Beach towel

3.Sea you soon

seayousoon1seayousoon2 seayousoon3  seayousoon4

 4.One Zipper

 beach towel beach towel beach towel beach towel


Round Beach towel Round beach towel  round beach towelRound Beach towel

+1 that discovered today Good mood towels


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