Block-heels obsession !

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SS17 fashion behaved us in the best way. Almost all the fashion trends of this season are more comfortable and still so chic than any other season. Proof of this is the block heels, which is another new-old trend, firstly appeared in 70’s.

For us, who barely stand on 15cm high-heels or want a sturdier sole, a pair of block heels is all we need! The wider heel provides better distribution of weight and pressure and at the same time it is incredibly chic. Stacked heels can actually be worn to everyday walks on the town, at work, from morning coffee to evening drink.

There are various different block-heel styles:

Ankle Strap with a Block Heel is an obsession. There are flawless ways to wear the strappy style. It’s a great partner to your ankle pants and boyfriend jeans. Comes in different colors and different fabrics (we have a fondness for the suede trend). Don’t be afraid to try alternative colors or fun prints.

Block-heel lace-up sandals come to complete our street style outfits. This sort of heels looks
amazing with your fav pair of jeans as well as with dresses and skirts in a variety of lengths and shapes.
The ‘nude’ ones give emphasis to your clothing and some extra points to your height (pay
attention to this, little queens).

Low-Heel Sandals have become our daily go-to. This trend is so practical and it’s easy to wear. Without doubt it’s the key trend for work outfits or even for interviews, as you surely need something to feel comfortable in these days. They add a feminine detail to your casual look.

This is a trend that is here to stay!

Do: Wear them with pants/skirts that end up above the strap of your shoes.
Don’t: Wrap them high if you have heavy legs and don’t make the straps too tight on your ankles.

Some of our fav’s:

We’re wearing:

  • Nude lace-up sandals – Shoebox (similar one here)
  • Black low-heel sandals – ALDO
  • Camel high-heel sandals – Migato

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